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New installation?    Yes   No      

Number of Block Machines?  1   2   3
Number of extension hoppers per machine?
          0   1   2
Convey method of material from Mixer to Machine
    Belt     Bucket     Skip Hoist
    Direct from Mixer gate
Number of probes in extension hopper?
          0   1   2
How many Mixers?  1   2   3
    Describe your mixers.

Is there a discharge hopper below the mixer?          Yes  No
Number of probes in discharge hopper?
          0   1   2
    If zero, use Flow Switch?     Yes   No
Number of discharge gates in Mixers?  1   2   3
Moisture Control
    Water is metered to Mixer
          from water supply
          from tank
      Conductive probe in mixer
    Microwave sensor
          in mixer
          in aggregate stream
          in each aggregate bin discharge
How many?  1   2   4   5  
      Volumetric      Weighed    Bin Vibrators 
      Flow switches      Tail pulley switches for alarms
      Batcher Vibrator      Collector Belt
      Incline Belt        Load Cell summing
Cements    How many?  1   2   3
      Air slide      Screw Feed
      Gravity thru gate        Load Cell summing
      Silo Aeration      other
      Batcher Vibrator        Check this duplicate?
Color System  How many Pigments?  1   2   3
    Describe your color system.

Admix System  How many ?  2   3
    Describe your admixes.

Total for each batch.
    Total for each shift.
    Total for each day.
    Print these reports...  Yes    No

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